Sestyc Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is used to inform you regarding our rights to the data/content that are uploaded to Sestyc.

  • Contents you have uploaded. We have the right to delete or modify contents that you have uploaded to Sestyc without giving any prior warning if your contents violate our Content Guideline.
  • Your identity. Your personal information are only used to make it easier to build your social network such as finding new friends, discovered by other user, being recognized, etc.
  • Account banning. We have the right to suspend, block and/or delete your account if you have violated our Policy and/or violate the current applicable law in your country.

Sestyc User Guideline

We demand our services to be open and useful to everyone. We would like our services to be safe, secure, and abide the applicable law. Therefore, we would like you to follow these following regulations to be a part of Sestyc.

  • You need to be at least 12 years of age to join Sestyc.
  • You are not to upload contents containing pornography, violence of any kind, defamation, racism, terrorism, or any other negative materials.
  • You are not to provide or sell services related to prostitution, gambling, or adult products in any shape or form.
  • You are not to impersonate or spread false information (hoax).
  • You are not to sell any Sestyc accounts by any means (Yours or others).
  • You are not to do any act that disrupts or destroy our Service Operations in any way.
  • You are not to do any act that disturbs, harasses, or offends other user.

If you fail to follow the guideline as stated above, the penalty given ranges from deletion of your content to banning of your account.

Private Account

Sestyc provides the "Private Account" option to ensure user's privacy. Below are things affected by turning your account to Private:

  • Private Accounts will be hidden from the public.
  • Those who were already your followers and whose following request you approve are the only ones able to see your profile.
  • People who are not yet following you or are not approved will not be recorded in the "Visited You" tab on your profile.


Sestyc provides the option to do a "Livestream" for users to use. Every user are able to watch other Livestreams, but only those who are whitelisted are allowed to do a Livestream. Below are the requirements to be whitelisted:

  • Accumulated at least 100 followers.
  • Followed the guideline listed above accordingly.
  • Never violated any guideline listed above.

Verified Account

We take some factors into consideration to determine if your account is fit to be verified. Below are the factors we will review:

  • You are able to bring a positive impact to the Sestyc community.
  • You are not assuming other people's identity for your own use.
  • You have never violated any guideline listed above.
  • Your account represents a person, brand, or organization that is much sought after.
  • Your account has a profile picture, bio, and at least 1 post.
  • Your account must be active for at least 1 month.
  • Your identity must be clear, authentic, and real.
  • You are a public figure that brings positive impact to society.

If you have fulfilled all the requirements listed above, Sestyc's moderator team will consider further before verifying your account.

Sestyc Coin Guideline

We provide Sestyc Coin for users to purchase in-app products inside Sestyc with some regulations as follows:

  • Sestyc Coin is only usable inside Sestyc.
  • Sestyc Coin that has been purchased cannot be refunded.
  • Every product purchased using Sestyc Coin cannot be returned or exchanged with other product.
  • Any foul act of acquiring Sestyc Coin for free will result in a penalty ranging from suspending to blocking your account.