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Sestyc is an app you can use to express yourself, connect you with your friends, families and other people.


What is Sestyc ?

Sestyc is a social media that can provide you with various ways to find people, make new friends, and much more! You can upload photos or videos for other people to see, or chat anonymously in the Anonymous Chat Room to socialize all the while keeping your identity safe!

With Explore, Nearby People and Anonymous Chat features, Sestyc helps you to find new friends. Additionally, you can send greetings to users who are not yet your friends to let them know that you are interested in knowing them!

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Sestyc Features to make everyone stay connected

Photo Sharing

Share your precious moments with your friends, families, and everyone else


Chat with your friends and families.

Free Calls

Make voice or video calls with all your friends.


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